The Italian Place

Gourmet Market & Sub Shop

Open Mon-Fri 10am- 8pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12p-8pm.

Welcome to the Italian Place of Old town, Alexandria


NEW Summer Hours until Sept 2nd! Open until 8PM!

MONDAY - FRIDAY (10 AM - 8 PM)  *  SUNDAY (12 PM - 8 PM)

The Italian Place is a gourmet Italian market specializing in...

Fresh-made subs on daily-delivered fresh bread                Gourmet salads prepared with handmade

                             Authentic canned tomatoes shipped from Italy              Gourmet imported pastas and sauces from Italy

                                         A variety of imported olive oils, meats, and cheeses      Italian wines, hand-selected from true Italian wineries

                                               Delicious varieties of Italian beverages            Fresh ground, fresh brewed LaVazza drip coffee

                   LaVazza espresso, cappuccino, latte, & macchiato        Delectable Italian candies and sweet treats

             Festive, Italian-themed gift baskets for all occasions      Holiday/seasonal surprises and discounts

 Weekly wine tastings, Saturdays 12-3 pm  

Owner, Adriana Penachio-Sifakis

Welcome to The Italian Place of Old Town, Alexandria from Proprietor, Adriana Penachio-Sifakis!

Growing up Italian was not a big deal in New England.  Whether you were Italian or not, you still lived near Italians, had Italian friends and ate Italian food, and you became an extended part of the Italian community.  When my husband George and I moved to D.C. in 2000, we sought out every Italian market, deli, Italian restaurant, and although we come to know of a few, we found there just weren’t enough, like the ones we were so accustomed to back home in New England.

My Italian grandparents were a very important part of my life.  Nonnie & Papa, business owners in the electrical trade were children of Italian immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island in the early 1900’s from the small Province of Avellino, outside of Naples in the Campania region of southern Italy.  They were given the opportunity to live the American dream and they worked incredibly hard with their business and became active members of their community.

What I remember the most was their value and importance of family.  Every Sunday we would join them for a pasta feast at their dining room table and if we didn’t keep our elbows off the table and clear our plates, we were not excused from the table.  Papa had authority, Nonnie followed his lead, and we respected that.  We do our best to implore these same values and traditions with our three children today.  

In 1999, I was visiting my cousin’s Italian restaurant and met the man of my dreams, George!  I could have never imagined I would have met someone who had deeper ethnic roots than my Italian family, but as soon as I met this fun-loving, ambitious Greek guy, I quickly joined a “Big Fat Greek Family” that I could also call my own!  Just like my Uncle Joe used to say when I was a little girl, “brillare nel tuo occhio” (you have a sparkle in your eye), George sees the sparkle in my eye for my Italian culture and he has supported my dream to bring The Italian Place to Old Town!  And, our three Greco-Romano children couldn’t be more excited to bring The Italian Place to one of our very favorite places, Old Town!  We hope you enjoy everything The Italian Place has to offer and please don’t hesitate to make any special requests!  


                              The Italian Place September 8, 2016 Ribbon-cutting with Mayor Allison Silberberg, Adriana Penachio-Sifakis, her husband George and 3 children.

                             The Italian Place September 8, 2016 Ribbon-cutting with Mayor Allison Silberberg, Adriana Penachio-Sifakis, her husband George and 3 children.